Netizen Capital is a long/short macro fund investing in the Bitcoin ecosystem using quant fundamental risk management.

We believe the 2008 Global Financial Crisis marked the beginning of the Fourth Turning for our social, political, and economic climate. Modern global monetary policy increases the money supply anytime there is a war, crisis, or endemic. The underlying problem is that our financial system is built on trust in human-led institutions. Under a “trust-based” model, the integrity of an institution is a function of those in control. Rules enforced from the top down are guaranteed only if those in power are trustworthy. Rule changes at the discretion of those in power often create a misalignment of incentives between the institution (government) and its participants (us). As centralized institutions grow in importance, the entities or people controlling them accumulate more power, potentially exposing us to harmful behavior.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper in 2009 offered a solution – an electronic peer-to-peer sound money independent of centralized government. Like decentralized information on the internet, decentralized money and asset transfer will create a more equitable society. We believe Bitcoin will serve as the base monetary asset for the emerging web3 economy – money for the people, owned by the people. Bitcoin and smart contracts fundamentally shift how financial systems distribute trust, eliminating the roles of centralized authorities in favor of an ecosystem built on computer science and cryptography. This transition from a trust-based economy to one of self-sovereignty will be behind one of the largest wealth transfers in human history. Over the next few decades, this paradigm shift will unfold.


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